What a bunch of tos***s this lot are.I have recently been trying to haggle a better deal with them.I had a vip package for over a year or so but wanted to downgrade a bit to save some cash.I dropped my package down to l/tv l/bb/and line rental.they responded to this by immediately capping my broadband.Iasked why they done this because I dont download that much,and they said they averaged my account over a period of time.
But what can you do eh.
My advice go to sky and get a better deal


Never had any trouble with them,

haggled a deal recently,

large broardband 10mb unlimited d/l
medium tv
medium phone,

all for £27

i download LOTS, never got capped.

i get v+ normal box xl tv xl phone l bb movies and sports for £68 a month but more recently i asked to downgrade and was offered xl tv xl phone xl bb v+ and normal box for £48 but declined, waiting for my contact to end in aug to get a better deal

What do you mean, capped your broadband? The Traffic Management has been in force for well over a year. If you've dropped your package, then the limits will obviously change.

Each package has it's own level - These don't change depending on individuals percieved useage.

Here's the Traffic Management policy -…tml


I dropped mine from XL to L, last year. I now do my downloading of larger stuff (>1.2gb) after 9pm.
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