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Posted 23rd Jul
Been offered-

Bigger Bundle £40 (New Customers £45)
Bigger Bundle + Sky Sports £62 (New Customers £65)

Anyone had better from retentions as haven't accepted yet and may put 30 days notice in.
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You will only get a better offer if you give the 30 days notice with virgin.

They will ring back to try and do a deal.

Make sure you have marketing calls selected in your account!
I tried a different route and it unexpectedly paid off. I called customer services as my boy had added channels without my knowledge, completely my fault as he knew the passcode. Anyway, after I’d solved that little problem I enquired about my bill and what can we do to get it down etc etc. The best the rep could offer me was a grand total of £2 a month discount but he said I could speak with the customer relations team if I was unhappy. He put me through there and then and I spoke with a very nice chap who was incredibly helpful. We made a little small talk about the current climate and working from home then I explained to him that I’d been a long standing customer, I’d never received any discount, my bill goes up every year but I get no extra benefits, I’ve never missed a payment and so on. I never made a threat of cancelling or pleaded poverty but just genuinely asked nicely what can you do to lower my bills. It took him all of two minutes to come back and cut my bill in (basically) half. I know not everyone may experience the same and I was shocked but for me it worked just being open and asking an honest question.
Mine went to £40 down from £73 for same package took 5mins on phone
Get yourself on mates rates, £74 a month for 18 months then upto 120
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