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Posted 2nd Aug
How much are people paying for 200mb broadband. maxit tv and talk weekend phone.
This is the bigger bundle with 200mb broadband instead of 100mb broadband.
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I'm on 100m, phone and basic TV £32pm
TiVo v6 and SuperHub 3
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£53 for 350mbps, basic phone and Max tv
I think the 2 above misread the question
£48 350Mbps/M phone
I'm on bigger bundle £40pm I asked for a free upgrade to 200mb or I'd leave but they couldn't do it, said that would be £46pm

Got all main channels like bt 4k , mtv , kids

Haven’t got Sky sports and movies

Got £170 cash back paid off this so like £35 PM
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steve.t02/08/2020 20:12

I think the 2 above misread the question

Common on HUKD
Around £60 for 200mb and not all channels, didn't pay attention during the price hike to cancel or change tariff, but I will be this month when my contract runs out. Such a rip off.
This is mine. I pay £35 a month. No extra channels. Also got cash back on top (of £150) so works out slightly less then the £35.
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