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Im moving address and Im presuming that Id be better off cancelling my current Virgin Media package and setting up a new one, this way I should at least get the £65 Quidco payout.

Im having trouble matching my current package to one on the website. I don't want the phone in the deal as 3 people are sharing and sorting the phonebill out every month is too time consuming.

Can anyone find just the Broadband XL and TV XL size package on the site???

We currently pay £44.78 a month for this.

Ive tried altering this page but I have to have all 3 services (and add on £11 for the phone line) so it totals £52.50 a month:

Ive also tried this but I cant seem to alter the size of the packages up to XL:

Can anyone help?

Kind regards


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I'm no criminal either, but constantly looking to improve my knowledge in this world.

For free tv do i presume you mean boxs such as the dreambox??

I've not heard of getting free internet, any clues to how i could research this activity, for my own personal knowledge and not to be a dirty thief of course.

Sorry I am not willing to discuss that taffy. You would have to do your own research

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fair enough QuickProfits, feel free to mail me if you change your mind [email protected]

.... anyway we are off topic...... Can anyone else see a way to get my required service at the same price that im paying now off the virgin site?

You can call them and ask Taf, they are willing to change certain things although from previous experience I can tell you that the customer service can sometimes be terrible. If you can even understand what they are saying that is.
If anyone else knows more please add it.
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