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Here's the situation, the last 2-3 months we have been getting 5-15MB - 500kb-1.5mb download speeds.. this is suppose to be around the 50mb (5.0mb) mark. Obviously i have still been paying the £39 a month. If I phoned them up, any chance i can get some sort of refund of the service i haven't been receiving? At the moment, i am currently receiving just 10% of the service i am paying for.. and i haven't downloaded anything prior! (so no, its not a cap) - Previous phone calls have said its high server utilization in the area.. this isn't my problem. This was a month ago, and they said a date to be fixed (Estimate mind you) is the 20th May. Over 3 months when it was originally reported.

Any ideas? Cheers



you won't get anywhere by calling customer service, you may by calling retentions, tell them you want to cancel due to not getting the service you are paying for.

Otherwise a letter to customer relations is likely to get a credit applied to your account - be warned if you do this they will ring you and ask what you are wanting so have a figure in mind

You would usually need to have logged a few faults with a problem found and unfixed before they would offer compensation.

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I have phoned up 3 previous times before they give me an estimation on the fix date

In addition to what Colin said make sure you stand your ground. I had to write to them after numerous phone calls ended in me being cut off and getting nowhere.
I will attach the letter I wrote...
They first rang and offered one months credit, I didnt honestly think that I would get the installation fee, but I told her quite firmly but politely that the service they were giving was not acceptable and that I wanted my two month money back... eventually she gave way so ensure you are strong when you speak to them. The lady I spoke to was quite pushy and wanted to get me off the phone as soon as possible so ensure that you keep cool and strong!


Hope this helps... admitted theres a fault in the area and have a current fix date set so pointless logging fault calls. Go to [url][/url] and see how many others are in the same boat in some are with 50MB. If you are getting a 5th of what you should i would then expect to only pay a 5th of what you have been thats the figure i would give them.


I have phoned up 3 previous times before they give me an estimation on … I have phoned up 3 previous times before they give me an estimation on the fix date

If it is a known fault, I would call them just to confirm you are going to be asking for compensation, just to get it on the record but they will probably ask you call back once the fault is fixed, that way they know how many days in total they need to compensate you for.

That was the process when I worked for them a few years back anyway.

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Just got off the phone, and they only have record of me phoning up last month. So have refunded me half the broadband fee (which is technically £28 as i have a phone line which is £11) so £14 of next months fee.. Better than nothing
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