Virgin media

i have just moved house and was debating weather to get virgin for the phone and tv. Are there any good offers or any way of getting get good offer in the light of recent events?


not wanting to ruin this thread - but i also am looking for a good virgin offer - with phone and broadband
i currently use them for my phone and i pay 25 a month unlimited calls

saw somewhere (flyer delivered to house i think) yesterday that you can get Phone (unlimited weekend calls) and TV (basic) for £11 a month.

the best thing to do with VM is to moan and moan,in my opinion,but iv been with VM for years so i can say im not happy and threatening to leave. if was you i would ring them and tell them about the other others you could get from other companies like sky and talk talk,and see if they could get you a better deal. Try and find a few trials goin on,currently i pay £25 phone unlimited 24,10mb broadband and basic TV,my phone offer trial runs out in about a month,so then i just ring back and say to them renew the offer or imm leaving VM,so they do.But sometimes you get stuborn staff who want offer you any deals so just ring again lol

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