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Found 19th May 2007
Has anyone any idea how to contact the Customer Service Department of this business?

I've been trying to get in touch with them since March with no success.

I've lost count of the number of automatic responses I've received from their website when I've sent a complaint to them with their promising to get in touch with me in 48 5 no time scale at all as they are extremely busy! :x

I've tried writing to any address I can get my hands on for Virgin but these seem to be finding their way Virgin's recycyle bin!

So if anyone can help.....please do!
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Freephone number is 0800 0730399. :thumbsup:
if you have a virgin home phone you can just dial 150
I think emails will be a waste of time, I'd try giving them a call and hassling phone support untill something is done. Or just say you're moving to BSKYB.
Try their support newsgroups
Thanks for the replies.

I've done all of the above since the begining of March, at one stage I was ringing at least twice a day but unfortunately the real world does intrude and I haven't the time to have a telephone attached to my ear 24/7.

The freephone number sends you around in circles with a lot of Virgin hype inbetween.

The 150 from my home phone line again sends you dizzy and refers you to an 0870 number or hold - shortest holding time so far is 12 minutes up to a wait of 34 minutes - before they ask you to put your complaint in writing!

I've tried the threat of moving to another service and have been told that, that's my privilege and there was nothing they could do!'. I'd like nothing better than to move my whole phone, tv and internet package to another provider but the problem I have is I don't have a BT land line connected to my home. :-(

I've been a customer of Yorkshire Cable - Telewest - ntl - now Virgin Media for over 11 years and have never had so much hassle with service, reduction in channels and problems with my Broadband connection as I have in the last 4 months that Virgin have taken over.

Virgin are just not interested in retaining customers and their Customer Service department (if they exist) are so brusque you'd think they'd done nothing wrong and the customer is always at fault.

Sir Richard Branson.....if you ever come out of your ivory tower and browse the internet I just hope you have a better connection than Virgin provides because quite honestly.....YOUR COMPANY SUCKS!
To install a BT phoneline does cost quite a bit!, then you've got line rental etc.
Virgin Group Ltd.
120 Campden Hill Rd.
London W8 7AR, United Kingdom
Tel. +44-20-7229-1282
Fax +44-20-7727-8200:thumbsup:
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