Virgin Media - Am I paying too much?

Posted 23rd Nov
1. I currently have Virgin Media 200Mb, Full house TV and Phone Talk Weekends £82. Am I paying too much?

2. If I cancel my landline which I don't need will that decrease my price?

Thanks, Tony
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This is so much for what you would get. You should ring another company like BT and tell them how much you are paying for virgin media and see what they can offer you . Then you should ring virgin media and tell them BT have offered me this can you offer me anything better .
What would be a fair price? Thank you.
Yes, I was paying £52 for that package before I cancelled, they will offer you between £50-60 to stay with them. You can get 200mb broadband only for £28 and 350mb for £32. I believe they offered the same package for £54-56, can't remember off the top of my head. Best bet is to call and cancel then you will start getting calls where they will negoiate with you.
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I would pay £50-60 for that, you can just phone them up and tell them your thinking of leaving and see what they offer you. i pay £30 but thats just for 100mb and phone talk weekends. good luck.
Yes tooo much, at £89 you can get the ultimate bundle with unlimited sim card, full house TV and 500mb Internet ofc it's for 12 months. Go on uswitch and you should see deals, I am guess vm will be also cheaper.
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1 - yes, way ott

2 - no
you could be saving £25 per month and still get the same offer! I would suggest you call virgin media, tell them you're leaving as it's too expensive and SKY are going to give you the same deal for £60 a month. then see what they say. you have to scare them a little. unfortunately so many people don't know how easy it is to save money. good luck
I have literally just renewed with them and am getting the Ultimate Oomph bundle from their website for £99 a month. That's all TV, Talk Anytime on the landline, 2 V6 boxes, 500mb internets and an unlimited phone sim as well. Essentially I'm getting what I had before with faster internets and a phone contract for £15 less a month

For what you're getting £82 is quite expensive - I'd done my homework and knew what Sky/BT were offering, although nothing matches the speed of Virgin around our area and they know that. The guy pointed out that on the average Sky speed, with the amount we stream etc, we'd have to be downloading things 24/7 and still we'd struggle. On that basis I was quite pleased with £99 really
tonygg23/11/2019 22:13

What would be a fair price? Thank you.

Around £30-£40 a month
I was paying similar prices to Sky. Now I got smart.
Broadband and telephone line from Now TV at £17 a month
Freesat viewing boxes on both TV's (One off cost for the model you want)
(Engineer to sort some cabling £40 - One off)

Cost per month remains at £17 for ever now - never going back to subscription channels and I get more channels than my friend with Virgin TV.
You should be able to get the same bundle for around £50ish with Virgin but it often depends on who you end up speaking with to be honest, they are pretty unpredictable. Before you contact them check what you could be getting with Sky for a lower price and try to use that as a bargaining tool
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