Virgin Media Anywhere through an Android Box?

Posted 28th Mar 2017
I have been looking at ways to play Virgin Media Anywhere through my TV. It seems the only way to do this is through a laptop connected by HDMI as Virgin block tablets/phones using their app sending the picture to the TV.

My final idea is to use an Android Box.

By all accounts the Virgin app will not work - however, I was wondering if it is possible to load a web browser (which handles Flash) onto the box and access Virgin Media Anywhere through the browser.

Has anybody tried this? I've been unable to find info elsewhere.
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I've tried something similar to watch a football stream. I wouldn't advise it, the android boxes are just not power enough to keep up.
Thanks. I was worried that may be the case. It doesn't seem like there is decent solution out there at all.
None of the available browsers for Android are compatible with VM Anywhere. The web version requires Firefox, Explorer or Edge. There is Firefox for android but it isn't the same as PC version, hence it isn't compatible.
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