virgin media bad customer service

Im sure im not alone in getting the run around when ever you have to ring customer services for any reason. phone calls linked to wrong departments or even being cut off and having to ring back.

if anything like this ever happens to you when you call back complain. 9 times out of 10 they will credit you with 5 pounds to your account for the inconvience. couple this with using the 0800 numbers to be found at and the original phone call cost you nothing but as virgin dont know this play on the fact your ringing 0845 numbers.

dont let the barstewards grind you down lol


if you have virgin phone services you can just call 150 from your handset and it is free.

That happens to me ALL the time, they just get cut off all of a sudden when you ask them a hard question! :roll:

Original Poster

yeah but the point is they wld know that phone call cost you nothing. via a landline on 0800 they dont know and you will get credited ive done it 5 times over a period of months

its well worth it and nothing to lose in trying whats worst they can say? no?

I filled in their online customer complaints form and they phoned me back to solve my problem !!

It's even some one from the UK that calls you !! :thumbsup:…tml
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