Virgin Media Broadband

Need a little help with this bunch of muppets please :roll:
Does anyone know if vm are giving out routers yet?
Also can you still order broadband size s - this has disappeared off the website.

Thanks :thumbsup:




Need a little help with this bunch of muppets please :roll:

Cancellation department? :giggle:

Seriously go to the cancellation department and say u want to cancel and they'll offer u a router or a money of your bill.

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Not this time! Im actually trying to sign up for the second time (after being given false information first by a sales rep and then waiting 2 weeks for a refund of the installation fee). My aim is to sign up for the least cost possible with just broadband.

They give out routers as the norm I belive, unless your refering to a wireless one?

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Yep, sorry I am hoping for a wireless router.
Is there more than one ethernet port on the router I can hook a wifi bridge too?
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