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Is anyone having this same problem as me ?
Low speeds due to high utilisation on Virgin Media.


My VM has been down since about 6ish. Status page says its fine. I guess they are having some sort of outage

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VM have said that it will be like this until the 5th of April at the earliest. Paying for 200 meg but in the evenings I get 3 meg.
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Low speeds due to high utilisation on Virgin Media.

Is this a new issue and it's normally ok or is it always crap at peak times, it could be an over subscribed UBR that you're connected to, they're usually the bottleneck.

Mine was always fine in the past, a mate though who lives 10 miles away is always crap but he has no fibre alternative, instead as his UBR was classified as Black they gave him a decent discount, which is fair enough I suppose.

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Had issues since December, Recieve a discount but it's so annoying when watching films or gaming, then it starts buffering and that.
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have the same in my area since November 2015 and still they wont sort it and it was the same 2 years before that

It seems to be a growing problem especially VM and their broadband speeds. They state it's not a fault but due to demand of services you will notice slower speeds during peak times...I've been with them for a number of years and have been experiencing this issue for over 1 year...there is nothing that you can do apart from asking for a partial refund which they did for me...

Services still haven't improved so I downgraded to their cheapest broadband package and then asked for a partial refund due to high utilisation issues.

Other providers in my area have the same issue, so I've ended up using a 3 simp to tether this out and get an average speed of 30mbs, as with VM the max I would get would be around 2mbps over the weekend.

I had this problem due to living in high utilisation area and VM fixed it after 6 months.

Having the same issues since Sept 2016, was told then they were upgrading cables and everything would be sorted by Oct.

Still no better and worse so reported again at start of the year and was told repairs continue until mid February.

Last week I was getting speeds of less than 1Mbps instead of package of 100 and they said there was also high utilisation and as they are aware of upgrade work and other things, no engineer can be booked!

Partial refund does not compensate for extreme lack of service and speed for so long.

Snap! Times out all the time. Even got a new box sent out which made it worse. Spent an hour on the phone to an engineer who did some tests, and it's now running somewhat better but still randomly times out frustratingly but slightly better than what it was

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Seems to me that VM are overselling across the country without the adequate equipment or cables to deal with it.


Seems to me that VM are overselling across the country without the … Seems to me that VM are overselling across the country without the adequate equipment or cables to deal with it.

Standard practise, oversell and hope not all users try at the same time, when they do this happens, when they don't the service runs fine and VM reap the benefit.
It's more common in areas when Openreach have no fibre, if there are no options then everyone wants Virgin speeds but they can't provide.

It's exatly like rush hour traffic, you can use the roads as much as you like and all the lanes, when it's busy though we all come to a halt, the UBR is basically the slip road to join the motorway.

I had the exact same issue as you, basically VM said the road needs digging up and they had applied to close the the road. After 6 years I gave up and left (I only stayed for so long as they discounted my package to £10)

had this problem for past 6 months still not fixed
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