virgin media broadband contract

ive got a 12 month broadband contract i dont want as i moved house but am still paying for it

what i wanna know is do they do such thing whereby i tell them i wanna keep contract but change it to like a mobile phone contract as im gonna be paying the 12 months regardless

does anyone know, would phone them but i got no landline here and expensive on my mobile

regards misc!


I dont think they will move it to your mobile, but they should be able to move it to your new house if it is a virgin area

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i mean move it to a new virgin contract as essentially its another contract, best to ring them i suppose

If you have a virgin mobile phone is it not free to ring them?

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Free phone local number on I used it last week. And no … Free phone local number on I used it last week. And no they probably won't do this, can you not move it to your new house. I imagine if you moved to a none cable area they will cancel the contract.

thats what i thought as i have moved to a non cable but last time i told them this they said well u can have the broadband down a phone line so no u cannot cancel it

they will cancel it, but you have to pay an early cancellation fee. usually the length of your contract you have left halved and paid in one go. Had to pay em £120 last year to cancel a 50gig broadband package early.

always best to plan ahead
*he says with his crystall ball*
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