Virgin Media - broadband technical support free from June 1st

Clip of email from Virgin

were dropping the 25p per minute charge to call our broadband technical support line. From 1st June, were replacing it with a number thats free to call from your Virgin Media phone, plus a separate, local rate number if you call from any other phone. That means that now you can get the help and support you need, totally free, just like you asked!

To call our new broadband technical support number from 1st June, just dial 151 for free from your Virgin Phone



Should be free anyway as most people only call them when they cut off their broadband.

rip off merchants :x:x

shoud be free in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they make enough money from us

i suffered this one... should be free in the first place...! good they finally agree! heat added.

well to be honest they do refund the cost of the call if its a real technical support question

instead of
"I cant get the internet working......all i get is a blank screen"

"is your monitor on?"

"oh ok its working now"

those kind of calls that clog up tech suport so when you actually have a problem you are stuck waiting for hours, if you try now you get through almost instantly

never mind

Its always been free if the fault is at there end , as they refund the call charge back to the bill.

But if they find out the fault lies with you , e.g not switched modem on ....then you get charged for the call

Believe me there are some stupid people out there and i shouldnt have to wait inline with these stupid people lol

should be free any way


Personally, this will be a nightmare as when it was free 90% of the calls they received were nothing to do with Broadband hence the 30-45 minute queues to speak with anyone. (e.g. my word document won't open!).

now you get through straight away and get refunded if its their fault.

this isnt a deal or a tip, more like a warning to switch provider. just my view on things but it was great the way it was.


and yes I was shouting.

Heah, I phoned them once in the past.
Went through to someone in India, Got me going after resetting my system off and on, which was fine....... after they had spent over 10 minutes trying to get my details on screen, and double checking all my ID "for security purposes"!!!!!!!!!!!!

about bloody time too!!

I think once again it will create unnecessary q to get help. there idea was right. if its there fault they will pay you back and they did that all the time when it was a problem from there end. There are other ISP's who charge you more than that for broadband support.

thank god for that bloody idiots



thank god for that bloody idiots

just wait till you try to ring them and get stuck in a queue for half an hour. At least the present system weeds out the idiots asking stupid questions and it is free if its a legitimate fault.

cant see the problem as it stands.

Moved to Misc.

Normally, when it goes free, its WORSE service than now....
I don't mind paying a little extra for uk support of guys that know what they are talking about. (ie broadband support)

Free support will be WORSE than is now... for sure...!
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