Virgin Media Cable offers...

anyone know of any clever offers available?

the website basically sells everything in bundles of things

giving me 2 things i want plus also a poxy phone line or whatever... (basically im just being awkward :D)

I know that sometimes the men come around the house and offer extra special deals etc.

Thanks for any extra info.



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ooo they changed the deal to only £30 now! :P


or is there some other sort of trickery to get it to 40?



The best thing to do would be to call them. I know it sounds stupid (it does to me) but as they have explained to me recently, they have completely different offers on the net to over the phone. This is because the are two separate sales teams (???). I've found that you can get better offers calling (such as 6months half price xl pacjage etc... - these deals are never online only when you speak to them on the phone).

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i did plan on doing this

but never got round to it because all the cordless phones are dying one by one!

gonna ring them 2moro and see if they'll do any special deals.

Thanks for all your help peeps

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