Virgin Media Call Center

Going to have a bit of a rant as im a bit peeved off with them

Phoned up today to ask a simple question which was "can you supply a new power pack for a modem"

now the first agent didnt know what i was on about and asked me to speak with the broadband helpdesk which i did, they didnt know what i was on about either and asked me to phone customer services which i did (again) once more they didnt understand me neither and transferred me the the BB helpdesk (by this point im extremely p'ed off) and suprise suprise they didnt know what i was wanting either after refusing to ring anybody else they transferred me to the TV helpdesk (why i dont know considering its for a broadband modem.....) and suprisingly they then told me to phone the broadband helpdesk and they will get me one sent out. now when i try them noone picks up.....

it seems that virgin have outsourced they're helpdesk to india who either cannot understand my accent, dont understand english or just dont have a clue at all. really annoyed those with Sky TV will know what im on about.

dont suppose anyone here has a spare power pack going for a virgin modem do they?!


Its unlikely that they would supply a separate adapter, these crowds find it hard enough supplying a simple router at the best of times!
You should be able to get a cheap enough 12v or 9v mains adapter in Maplin or somewhere.


yes just buy the adaptor from somewhere else its a generic plug im sure you can find another one

or failing that just call tech support 09062121111

and tell them something is wrong and they send a guy round and he has modems in his van usually

aol custmomer services/technical is quite bad as well. they seem to read of of a script and provide you with the solution before you tell them the problems you are experiencing

I wouldn't v&t, I don't see the point of sitting on the phone getting frustrated for 50p a minute.
If you have an old router that power supply should or may work with your current one.

haha maybe you should have said power lead, the lead that powers the modem....

I can find out for you on sunday as I work in same building as virgin media :thumbsup:

virgin are notoriously cr*p and really give a stuff. But then why would they, they make extra money keeping you on the phone and sendingyoiu around in circles. Any decent company would at least have an email request. It is amazing that those who deal with internet shy away from allowing contact through it

i got a new modem sent to me as i said the old one had broken they also refunded me the cost of the call just stick to no power and it smells as if its burned out they tell you to discard the old one anyway

VM are axing there charges to ring Tech support. Noone will have a reason to grumble then cos you get what you pay for eh! Lol

Original Poster

lol i did actually give out several descriptions of what it was but they still didnt understand, cant be bothered with the hassle on the phone again so ill just buy one, cant be that expensive

If all fails, you can get one for under £8 delivered from the eBay Shops. Search on eBay for "modem power (ntl,virgin)" without the quotes.

Phoning up 'Three' customer services to give them my PAC code i spoke to a lady with a very strange use of the english language, lol. Not terrible just perculiar (sp?)

Telewest used to be such a good company,there customer service was great,but since virgin took over it's been a total nightmare.My tv is always on the blink,my net is slow and you try to call to complain and you can't even speak to someone in this country. Shocking service from some a large company.I feel for you king
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