Virgin Media: Can I leave and Sign Up Straight Away for New Customer Deals?

Posted 22nd Sep 2012

I have been with VM for 10 years now, and I pay £55 for TV XL and BB XL. Thats all I get.

Im not too bothered about saving money, I just want value for money.

I have ssen their package below and want to take advantage of the new customer offer.

Could I cancel, obviously pay 30 days notice, and sign up for this offer as a new customer? I would get Quidco £76 too.:


£22.50 a month - that's half price for 6 months then £45 a month*
Want faster broadband, loads more channels including 24 HD channels and free installation?

Then treat yourself to our brilliant, first class Collection. Faster broadband, TV in another room and unlimited weekend calls.

Fibre optic broadband
6 x faster than UK average3
Spotify Premium free for 3 months

See included channels

500GB TiVo Box
Extra HD box
for another room
24 HD channels
FREE installation


Unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines2 and Virgin Mobile numbers
*This offer is for new customers who take a Virgin Phone line for £13.90 a month. Free installation.
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no idea, but maybe best to sign up with your partner name instead, tell them you just moved in

why dont you just ring vm and go through to retentions tell them you are thinking of leaving and they do you a deal
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as v10420668 stated

you've been a customer for 10 yrs so no cancellation charge AFAIK

and you are within your rights to cancel and buy a different service from the same company

you are buying a service and you are no longer in a contract!!!

phone retentions - tell them what you want and how much you want to pay (you've been a loyal customer for 10yrs and looks like you've been overpaying also) and tell them what's available from others like sky (even if you have no intention of going to sky) - then if you don't get the deal - cancel then just go into a store and resign up (talk to the guys in the stores (if you can))
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they don't like losing customers, but on the other hand are quite funny when offering deals to existing ones.

when I phoned them up about a month ago, they first offered me a "deal" that was more expensive than if I left and rejoined as new customer, told them wtf are they thinking.

3 calls later and total 30 mins spent on the line I finally got a decent deal.

A lot depends on who you speak to at VM, that's why I had to call multiple times, but yes, the first thing to do for you is phone them up and say you're thinking of moving to Sky or BT Infinity and haggle.
Sure I remember reading that to get the new customer offers you must have not been with them for 12 months? Think they class you as a returning customer if it is within that period.

If you have the patience (and luck) then definitely the best thing to do is to phone up retentions and haggle as suggested,
You need to ring up and speak to the cancellation department. Once they realise you are serious about cancelling and potentially joining a competitor to take advantage of new customer deals, they will offer you a fantastic saving. I did this a month ago with their broadband as I saw new customers would be getting a much better deal. Now I am getting a much better deal than a new customer could. Only speak with the cancellation department though, the other departments are a waste of time and can't offer anything decent. Hope this helps
i called to cancel and they matched new customer prices
3 months disconencted before they will allow you as a new customer

otherwise we'd all be doing it! retentions usually match or better new customer offers anyway

just got 20mbps BB, line rental, talk eves/weekends for £19.99 per month

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