Virgin Media Cancellation problem

Hi all,
Phoned VM to cancel my 10mb bb, got offered the same package for £18. When I refused, VM said that I was on a 12 month contract which runs out next march. That was news to me. I was told that I had to pay the £10 cancellation charge. My 12 months contract run out more that a year ago, and everytime I negotiate for a better deal I make sure it didn't involve a 12 months contract.
Did anyone have the same problem with VM?
Do i need to prove that I'm not on a 12 months or do they need to prove that I'm on a 12 months deal?
I had so many problems and determined to leave.
Thanks for the advice.


Hi - i had a similar problem with O2. I think you just have to stick to your guns until they do the right thing. Sorry I can't offer any good advice. Good luck.

I'm sure you have all their freephone numbers, but if you don't this is a link with them on. From experience these companies like to put you on hold for a long time!!…php

Unless they've drastically changed their ToS, after 12 months of usage you can cancel at 1 months' notice. Check their T&C on the main website.


Did you get it in writing that it does not include a new 12 month … Did you get it in writing that it does not include a new 12 month contract, when you negotiate a discount? If not I would presume it does..................... Virgin are a mare, I have all their sevices at the highest package, I renewed last May for a discount which ties me into 12 months.

Yes, I totally agree.

I did struggle to leave the amateurs too (a few months with virtually no internet on Virgin ADSL, but I was obviously charged for the pretende service and I was unable to get MAC code). - will help you, claim any additional costs back
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