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Posted 25th Jun
Anyone know how to access Virgin Media chat? My loyalty discount has come to an end and I want to renegotiate my contract.
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Don’t bother with chat just call and speak to retentions. I’ve never had any luck with chat found them pretty useless for offering any decent deals. If you really want to chat it’s not always available so won’t show on the contact us page so you need to keep checking.
I'm not aware they had a chat facility.

I always phone. Although this is a good time, cos you'll get a UK rep working from home and they've been good to me during lockdown.

I dial 150, and get to the I want to ******LEAVE option
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My loyalty discounts expired too, now my price has doubled. I called virgin media today and was offered a £10 discount (still £10 more than I was paying last year)

The request to cancel has gone in and I've received a email to confirm that. Lets see if they call with any better offers.
Last time I tried I had to call.
Much harder by phone imo.

Stuck to my guns and pushed the cancellation and ignored all offers.

Got a call the next day with a perfect deal.
Winback team 08009522277.
chocci26/06/2020 04:38

Who are they?

Retention team I'm guessing.
Does anyone have any tips as I haven't got any calls. Only been a week but don't want to be too late.
I just called the number was only offered £10 discount still over paying .... I'm gonna have to wait for a call back which they said isn't guaranteed or call again next week?
Anyone have any tips as the woman I called wasn't budging
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