Virgin media complaint at the highest level?

Posted 27th Apr 2020
Hi everyone,

Could do with some advice with Virgin Media Broadband.

Earlier on in January, I gave them a call asking them to leave as my broadband package had become very expensive at £65 per month.

The retention team asked to stay and offered a reduction in the package to £39 per month for a 12 month extension - I agreed.

Recently, I checked my bills and noticed I was still being charged £65.

I rang the retention team again, and they were confused as to why no-one had processed the changed to £39 given they could see on their system I had agreed to it.

The rep spoke to the manager who said, they would honor the £39 per month, starting from today for 12 months.

I asked:

1) what would happen to the previous 3 months since Jan that I was being overcharged even though I had agreed?

2) Will I be locked into contract til January 2021 (1 year since I initially agreed) or April 2021?

The rep said I would NOT be eligible for a refund on the past 3 months and I will be locked into contract til April 2021 now.

I expressed to the rep that this is clearly a loss for me as I'm out of pocket approximately £75 as a result of overcharges for past 3 months and I'm now tied to Virgin for an extra 3 months.

The rep started to get very rude at that point not understanding my point of view and saying "do I want the package or not?"

I said, no I'd like to speak to a manager about this as I'm out of pocket through no fault of my own, at which point he said, right, I'll see "ya" later and hung up.

Any idea how I can formally complain about this whole procedure and take it to the highest level? I think this whole outcome is unacceptable when they've admitted they've made a mistake by not processing the changes in January and now can't offer my money back or honour the contract from January.

Any help appreciated.

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