Posted 17th Oct 2022
Virgin Media booked an engineer last week (on Tuesday) and sent me confirmation text message that appointment is booked for today (17th Oct).

I am on the phone since last 47-minutes and spoke to three different departments and none of them did manage to find todays appointment. Most strange thing is that; one of the departments didn't manage to find my account when I gave my Virgin Media account number.

Just couple of minutes ago, complaint department has dropped the call while I was waiting to talk to manager. I had already raised a complaint on Virgin Media Website while I was talking with them but didn't get any confirmation.

Is there any Virgin Media Complaint Department (contact Email) where I can send a proof (text message) and keep that email as proof for myself as well??

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    I had the exact same scenario, had the text confirmation also
    Sunday midday engineer supposed to come(was so annoyed wasted a Sunday)
    Rang in the morning confirmed attendance
    Rang again after 2hrs,engineer had not shown up, they said nothing on the system
    After waiting on live chat for days & days got a £25 credit,
    live chat was easier just gave up on the phone
    Stated that Virgins own consumer thing, said if a engineer failed to turn they would pay £25
    I also could not find the appointment on the tracking app

    Virgins customer service is woeful (edited)
    Thanks, I am in the same situation, but Virgin Media isn't taking any responsibility and didn't let me talk to complaint manager either (dropped the call). I have raised the complaint from Virgin media but didn't get confirmaton.
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    Pointless....they wont get back.
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    Virgin Media is by far the WORST company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Their customer service is truly atrocious.

    They'd have to pay me to go back to them.
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    Virgin dropped 8 phone calls on me today and has to authenticate every time KI redialed to spoke to someone.
    Not the company it used to be!
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    Raise a complaint with Virgin media (as you have done) if the compensation is not paid back to your bill raise a complaint with Cedr who handle these complaints -…as/
    Another waste of time look at cases settled 33%.…ey/
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    All of this sounds familiar! I got promised 2 engineer call outs that had no record, no compensation. I did point this out along with my continuing issues and was given a £20 credit as an "experience apology"…217
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    We had raised an issue via their online complaint form. Replies came from

    We then got in touch with Ombudsman. Further correspondence came from

    Dreadful company
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    It's 45min to 7pm,
    Virgin Media can't find the engineer visit details so what's the point to wait?
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    Think the same thing happened to me. I told them I had lost £100 of earnings that day and they gave me that in credit. Was long time ago so my memory is hazy.
    So £5 refund and a Greggs sausage roll voucher?
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    I'm dreading when my renewal comes up
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    Thanks for all of you for giving some time.

    I've received an email from Virgin Media today and given 28-days to response. Hope they will keep the record of all the calls which I made.

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    My only advice WhatsApp with VIRGIN make a screenshot , take reference number from the agent and your sorted , no hassle waiting to someone pick up a phone in few hourse . I gave up on ringing them , only What'sApp
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    Today, I was talking to Virgin Media Technician regarding the problem with Broadband, he didn't manage to fix the problem about 10 minutes of talk and dropped the call by saying "What can I do".

    I never used silly/rude words for any of the calls I made in past and this one.
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