Virgin media contact ending soon ...what next?

Found 22nd Dec 2017
took last year £18/ month broadband only deal.
contact ending in 30 days
rang to say I m leaving, they offered £27/months so I continued with cancellation but ..not sure what to go for or do now ?????

please advise
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I left Virgin and went to Sky git cash back from TCB and a shopping card best thing I have done should have left Virgin years ago .
Word of warning cancel your DD because I had to fight to get my money back from them .
We also left virgin for sky. Virgin did eventually call to say, "come back" but they couldn't compete with sky on price even then.

To be clear, virgin retentions or cancellations weren't interested in offering a deal. It was only after we had cancelled and the service had ended and we were in a contract with sky that virgin rang to offer a deal. That deal wasn't competitive.

We got our sky package with a huge discount over a year ago. For comparison when the year was almost up they sent us a message both digitally and via snail mail saying all our offers were extended for another 12 months and if we wanted to stay at the same price we needed to do nothing. That's how you keep customers imho. no hoops to jump through or sales bs.

I understand that other people's experiences with retentions for both companies vary but this was mine.

So, to answer your question. Shop around. Hope for a call from virgin after you give them your notice but be prepared to leave by finding the best possible deal from another provider.
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They gave me for £25
Mihir9546 m ago

They gave me for £25

Was it there first offer or a retention call offer? Did you accept?
I always call them up and upgrade to the next tier of broadband, they then lower the price to lower than I was paying before. When I’m at the top and have done that one I drop to a lower one and take a hit for a year.
Assuming you dont want the Fixed Land Line, Vodafone are currnetly doing deals on Fibre Only
bodolf7 h, 7 m ago

Was it there first offer or a retention call offer? Did you accept?

they rang me while I was out and they gave me this price. well before they were telling me same deal for £31 but I said I ain't having it and I told them if it is £25 then I will take it otherwise bye
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