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I have been with Virgin for years and I was wondering how much people pay. I currently have a V+ box, XL tv, Sky sports and movies, m phone and up to 100 Mbps. I am paying £130 a month which I think is expensive. I am currently having problems with the broadband and despite having my V+ box replaced in March it doesn't record properly and just watching tv the programmes are pixelated. I don't really want to leave Virgin as we had real problems with Sky. I am currently out of contract with Virgin so any information on prices would be great. Thanks in advance.


We got rid of Virgin some years ago after nothing but problems with the Internet going down at least twice a week. They also quite often took the direct debit twice a month & said it was a computer error. We have our TV with sky & phone & broadband with EE but are looking for a faster speed broadband.

I pay 200mb vivid and TiVo xl and talk unlimited £42 a month no movies or sports though

Got a cheap broadband package and a stream
Box.. All channels and latest films for free, sorted.

I think you're paying way too much. To get a much better deal call them up and give 30 days notice, they will try and offer you a deal to stay which will renew your contract, refuse this.

3 days later you should receiive a call from another team and they will offer you something much better. Worked for me and several friends and family I have.

We pay £43.99 inc. line rental for the following:

XL Phone (unlimited calls)
1000 Multi Talk (0845, mobile and international)
M TV w/ 500GB Tivo Box

70mb ish bb
XL tv
Eve and weekend calls
Line rental
x2 TiVo
x1 standard box
£95 ish

Checked with sky for same package [excluding short term new customer incentives, no interest for me]; pennies per month different.

200Mb broadband which I can pull 200.
XL TV with movies
Evening and weekend calls
500GB Tivo box

£51 a month including line rental.

I'm out of contract next month though so I'll cancel and wait for them to ring me back. They're going to lose a lot of customers over this price rise so they'll be doing their best to keep people.

the porter

I pay 200mb vivid and TiVo xl and talk unlimited £42 a month no movies or … I pay 200mb vivid and TiVo xl and talk unlimited £42 a month no movies or sports though

same as this however I also get a 2nd v+box.

sorry checked and mine is phone M else its the same (just pending the free 200mb vivid increase which should happen soon)
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