Posted 22nd Oct 2020
Hi people.

Was hoping for some advice with a torrid time I'm having with VM.

Had problems since Day 1 and ended up letting the contract cancel cause their call centres are such a waste of time.

I've been trying to get a deadlock letter for months as well as records of all of our correspondence.

Each time I call I'm met with 'I'll check with a manager and get back to you', which, as expected they don't.

They overcharged me multiple times and instead of providing a refund, they continue with the 'you've got a complaint been taken to deadlock, so we'll just resolve it there instead.'

I am a bit concerned cause I've got a mate who had similar issues last year and cancelled in March, however they still haven't provided the call logs and notes (correspondence) etc after hundreds of calls.

How else can I take my case to the Ombudsman? I tried to go through Resolver however Virgin sent a letter back saying we can't give any 3rd party information, so it's certainly a way for them to avoid that straightforward route.

Advice appreciated.
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