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Does anybody have any links to some great deals for Virgin Media?

I’ve searched using google, on here, uswitch and money supermarket but can only find official deals, and I’m after something a bit more tasty!

I’m currently paying £26 for a 50mb line on it’s own.

I’m looking to increase my speed and add a phone line, and would like to keep the price to as close to what I’m paying at the moment.

The other half has just moved in, so I am prepared to cancel in 30 days and then start up again in her name if that gets a better deal but would rather not have the hassle.

I’ve gone down the cancellation route relatively recently. They don’t care about one service customers like me, they’ll just let me go.

Hope somebody can point me in the best direction
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The best deals are given to new customers only .
I have called them and they offered me a better deal but not like what new customer get.
You wont get anything for loyalty.
If you want a phone line have a look at Vonage - - uses your broadband connection. I'm considering getting rid of the phone with VM and either doing without or giving these a try.
If it helps anyone, I managed to get a new deal. 200mb broadband, TV xl, phone line rental with free weekend calls for £40 a month (12 months). Plus they also gave me 3 months free sky cinema.
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