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Just wondering. After a recent landline phone problem which was sorted when the engineer called to fix.. Before carrying out the work they took pictures using a smartphone of all our equipment around the house and the product numbers from the labels. This included our wifi password which came with the router and stamped on the bottom. I'm going to change that now for security, not that I think the engineer did anything wrong and I should worry to much. Maybe that's what they do now, although you would of thought it was already on there record? I would of thought that the wifi password should of not been recorded. Just wondered if this is now common practice? Maybe there is equipment that is not genuine connected to there services and its a way to find it? Still, was unexpected


that sounds dodgy to me.

that has never happened when i've had engineer visits


that sounds dodgy to me.

​i wouldn't have thought there as a need to take a photo of your password.

I always change mine from the one supplied.

contact customer services may be just a new thing they have to do but then again could be a dodgy engineer

Definitely not normal. You may want to ask the company as to what the engineer was doing.

again ill give you my vm engineer story , cancelled vm due to sparkles on my tv screen , engineer came to collect box wouldnt give me a receipt for it , a week later different engineer came out asking for my vm box , argued with vm on the fone over it as they wanted to bill me for a box , I pointed out it was one of their engineers that had took it and also driving a vm van , remember all those chipped vm boxes a few years ago ? I wonder how they were getting boxes to modify ? enquired with vm how the guy who took the box would know id cancelled the vm service . vm declined to comment on that , btw I had sparklies on my vm feed on the tv screen and using my old 60cm sky dish I had no sparklies at all . virgin media were using a 4.2metre dish at their base in knowsley and still getting sparklies ???

Hi there pal I work for virgin media as engineer and there no policy for taking photos of any thing at all

So only reason I can think of taking photos is he was sub contractor what does not have smart phone what connected to there services

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Tomminator your problems was/is you need new cable

find out why they took pics of your equipment get it in writing , then ask them who gave them permission to take pics inside your property to then use to their advantage by way of making profits from them by way of training or security purposes

bigack it was new it was a brand new installation from vm

Well in that case they put you on splinter in cab and not used new one or terminated properly

The thing is with virgin there is loads poor engineers who don't have a clue and reflects on service
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you can say that again , the vm engineer who came on the 2nd visit cut my labelled cable in the junction box outside under the pavement and handed me a few F type connectors and said as soon as in gone you can reconnect it and get yourself another vm box

Ring Richard and ask him?

Hi all, the picture is taken to get the serial number or all equipment to be logged on the account so they can be activated nothing sinister involved


Hi all, the picture is taken to get the serial number or all equipment to … Hi all, the picture is taken to get the serial number or all equipment to be logged on the account so they can be activated nothing sinister involved

He must be a sub contractor then


He must be a sub contractor then

Yeh mate They just pull out what you ordered from van stock ie TiVo, Modem nothing is allocated to you till the items are scanned once in your property. I stand outside customers house and activate my equipment so don't look like taking pictures in people's houses
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