Virgin Media Fibre Installation Process Question?

Posted 4th Jan 2016
Over a week ago I joined up with Virgin Media for their (upto) 50mb fibre package after BT couldn't give me a good deal to keep me on as a customer. I chose to have the installation to be done on the 6th of this month.

I received two text messages last week to say 1) if its OK for an engineer to come today between 8am-6pm so I replied yes, 2) if its OK for an engineer to come on the 6th between 8am-1pm.

No one has turned up (yet) today, so I called Virgin CS and told them that no one has turned up and why is it that there is two different appointments booked for me. I was told that the engineers work upto 8pm and they may not need to attend my property today as they most likely be working on the local box/exchange to make sure everything is OK for the engineer to come and set everything up on the day I chose for installation (the 6th) when I signed up for the package over a week ago.

Just wanted to ask you fellow HUKD'ers that have had Virgin's fibre installed, if this is the normal procedure of installation by Virgin, thanks guys!!!
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