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I was wondering if people could advice me on my current situation with Virgin Media.
Mom and Dad have been with Virgin Media for about 15 years now. The price we was paying was a lot more than new customers and we only had the tv and internet package. I encouraged my Dad to phone retention's to get a better deal. Having spoke to retention's they offered us a better price for our internet and tv, whilst supplying a new Superhub 2 box and a brand new TIVO box. They tried offering us a package which included a phoneline. My dad didn't want that, and said do we need to have that as a part of the package. The person on the phone said no and put it through to us. My dad asked if the new superhub and tivo box would be free, which the man replied yes.
We had a contract come a few days later which stated that our new monthly charge would be 54.99 and for the new 18 months there was a promotion which would take 4.00 off. So in total we would pay 50.99 for the first 18 months. We contacted retentions back in late July just gone.
Now here's the problem. My mom got a bank statement today showing that Virgin had taken 67.65 for November and 87.65 in December. We are still sifting through to see the months before hand.
My dad phoned up this morning and the person he spoke to was very rude. "I don't see what your problem is".
The guy at Virgin had said that it's that price because the package doesn't include a phone and that the money is for the service charge of installation and the cost of the new tivo and superhub 2. Having gone round in circles, and they guy constantly being rude to my dad, my dad said he didn't want it any more.
I have a contract here that states the prices of how much we would be paying on a monthly basis and also on the contract it states "other items and charges". Which under that it says "*Loyal Customer", Manned Installation charge, tivo box activation fee. £0.00
I'm just not sure what to do and my Dad is really flustered. Can anyone help?
Sorry about the long winded story.

P.s also we were apparantly charged for our 30mb broadband being upgraded upto 50mb.
Also when we got the Superhub 2 it was a few months after, after we complained about the Superhub 1 constantly dropping out. The engineer came out and said that the box was free.


Makes a complaint. The can than investigate the matter formally. If you are right, and they are in the wrong, make sure they give you a better deal or give you a gesture of good will for the problem.
Ps. you can make a complaint if you felt the guy was "rude". They can listen to the conversation and if agree, follow the above advice.

Go back to Virgin but not retentions - ask them politely to call you back as you are not on a Virgin Media phone - then ask them to go through the account history and especially the "new contract" and what was agreed with at the time - they keep records - if there is a discrepancy ask them to check the voice call (they should keep a record). If you don't get a satisfactory response/resolve then ask them to get a supervisor to investigate and call you back.

Yes sometimes Virgin Media can have bad people answering calls and yes they can also screw up but be polite and challenge everything and take it higher and if you don't get the response put it in writing that you will cancel the account and stop future payments/contract if this "situation" is not resolved.

I would just go to the bank and get them to claim it back. As part of the direct guarantee it states "in the event of any error you are entitled to an immediate refund from your bank or building society"

I have just joined Virgin and apparently the first month they take 1.75x the amount the. The second month 1.25x so you are a month ahead if that helps at all

" I was wondering if people could advice me on my current situation with Virgin Media.
Mom and Dad "

I know that Virgin Media is owned by Liberty Global now, an American company, but I didn't realise that they had enforced their form of " English " upon customers.

i have had issues with billing with virgin media , and mobile too. i agree with philiphil16 above , you need to be assertive and calmly ask for this to be looked into , i always ring retentions team and state what the issue is , keep dates and names of operatives . you may be suprised at the change in attitude when you put across issues and back up with dates and times, they do keep records about each call and record most as well. i have had extremely rude operatives from virgin , even mimicking and lauging at me ! i made a formal complaint and got free services for a while,
can you speak as your father or on his behalf ?
ps. not sure your parents getting great deal, i get big kahuna, extra tivo box, unlimited phone and 156mb internet for £60.
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