Virgin Media: how do I disconnect the cable from Superhub and Tivo box?

Posted 28th Jun 2015
We're moving in a few days with Virgin and they said we need to take the super hub 2 and Tivo box with us. How do I disconnect the white Virgin cable (shown in the image below)? Just unscrew the nut and pull it out?…UQT
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Unscrew yep, if you find it too tight by hand use a little spanner or similar to grip. They screw out easy enough. They're designed for self install. Leave the cable that comes into the wall as they will add a new one other end (obviously) but the rest is simple screw on off and plug play stuff.
Thanks a bunch Yellowness78

Thanks a bunch Yellowness78

No problem I only learned when I moved. Thanks to hubby and his cable know-how haha The screw part nips the cable in place and holds it there. It's a lot like the old ariel in ones but with a nut to tighten it in
Mine was a right **** to loosen off when I was putting in a longer cable
It's called an F-type connector - the outer ring unscrews and then it pulls out - if you had self-install for the superhub 2, then there would have been a plastic spanner in the package.
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