Virgin Media Hub 4 and BT Whole Home Discs

Posted 15th Sep 2022
I had a VM Hub 3 which, following advice here, I set up as a modem and ran my 3x BT discs through it. It was a game changer and I didn’t experience any dropouts subsequently. I now have Hub 4 and can’t seem to recreate the previous set up.

I’ve set up the Hub 4, changed the SSID and changed the SSID on the BT discs to match. I can access the BT discs through the whole hub app. However as soon as I put the router into modem mode (my last step), the wifi whilst still showing on devices doesn’t work, nothing can access it, and the BT app can’t ‘see’ the discs. The only way I can get Internet to work is to have both the hub (in router mode) and discs running together - they have the same SSID.

Is there an obvious step that I’m missing. My skills are pretty limited but any advice gratefully received. TIA
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