Virgin media if i cancel

I was wondering if anybody has tried cancelling there Virgin Media packages by saying they have moved out and a month later became a new customer with there wife's name. I have been a customer for over 10 years now and i am dissapointed with the way they treat loyal customers.


The wife has been on to the retentions a couple of weeks ago and we have a good package (well i think so)
10 Meg broadband talk unlimited and medium tv £24.49 a month and they also gave us a free wireless router and even waved the £7.50 delivery charge so i am happy ATM with them

But i see where you are coming from with them treating new customers better than the loyal ones

Have you tried talking to retentions it might be worth it

wonder if they would check the bank details used? so long as its in a different name and different bank details i dont really see how that can track it

i got a great deal when i threatened to leave to be honest tho i did eventualy leave them as there were to many technical problems no email for a whole week being the main 1

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Thanks for all your advice, first thing i am gonna do in the morning is ring them up, if it worse comes to worse i will sign up with the mrs name. Thanks

i rang them upand threatend to leavei got a good package 10meg broadband xl tv package and free wk end calls and i have a v+ box and now they charge me £40 a month they even wavered the £5 non direct debit charge

These adverts they have out atm are a bloody pee take! really annoyed me at xmas when they had that one 'have xmas on us' or whatever the hell it was! Rubbing it in by giving the world to new customers, ive phoned them and have asked and got zilch!

Had to pay £40 for a wireless router the other month and my bill is about £70 a month (plus late payment fees and the fiver they charge for non direct debit payments).

What's better is that if you try and get a better deal you normally end up putting the phone down because the person on the other end can hardly speak English.

yes call retentions say your leaving blah blah blah then they will give you a good deal. You only get the deals if you threaten to leave

Just phoned them up and turns out that im on a good deal anyway, BUT! ive been asking for them to change the date to the 22nd when the wife gets paid and everytime they say they can't because it's automated, woman on the phone says yes we can :x so in theory ive been paying them a tenner for late payments and a fiver for non direct debit (they wont set that up because i always owe money which in fact is bollx because that is next months bill which i don't have to pay when im paying last months do i!). :? aye confusing!

Also turns out that i shouldn't of paid the 40squid for the wireless router as im on the XXL BB package, so as a good will gesture she knocked 20squid of me bill :w00t:

God i love that overseas customer service department, all every well it being cheap labour but show me how it can be a good service when the person doesn't understand you and you don't understand them.

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I got mine down to £28 which both me & the Mrs are happy about. Thanks for all the advice it worked.

I have been trying to get a V+ box from Virgin Media for as cheaply as possible. Sky are now offering a HD Sky+ box for £49. I called Virgin Media and told them I was cancelling my account. Once they asked why I tell them because Sky are offering a HD Sky+ box for £49 and Virgin Media agreed to give me the V+ box for £49. Its worth a try, it worked for me.

Yeah but there are no HD channels to watch only BBC HD which is poop!

For all those who have managed to reduce your bills (well done!), how long do those new rates last for? Is it for three months? Six months? A year? Or for life??
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