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Found 13th Feb 2007
Can anyone help regarding cable installation, etc.

I was so excited this morning that I would have broadband, etc. at long last. Sadly, by mutual agreement, I had to send Virgin Media away. I know I am totally stupid, but I never gave it a thought that cable would be running everywhere - they don't say this when they sell it to you.

My situation is that the phone line goes from a BT 'totem pole' to the roof & I don't fancy a big black cable running along the front of the house. The second problem is that the computer is at the back of the house & the cable needs to come in at the front. The engineer did suggest that I get a WiFi Router to eliminate the problem. So, regarding this are there any good deals around. I know virtually nothing about these. The engineer did say that as the distance was only short (about 8 metres) that I wouldn't need anything fancy as there were no walls to go via.

Any help would be gratefully aprreciated.

Failing that, I guess I stick with BT for the phone & ask Tiscali to put me onto broadband.
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Ask them if they will give you a wireles router, when they were telewest they would.
phone line has nothing to do with it. cable is supplied from trunk cable usually installed in pavement. the cable can run underground to house where there is a junction box, there it enters house and can be hidden either by cable trunking or run it along skirting board. It can also be hidden behind skirting and also as previously stated where it enters house a router can be installed.
personally mine enters front and runs through to the back along the skirting mostly hidden by furniture
Are you getting Virgin Broadband via cable or via the phone line, because in your title it suggests cable but then your description is leaning me more towards BT phone line.

Virign do both so I can't take the initiative.

If it's the phone line then all they will do is add a filter to your existing phone line and you just plug in the router/modem. Any ADSL router will do. make sure it is ADSL because you can get just DSL which is just th router, you need the ADSL which is the router with built in modem.

Try and stay clear of Netgear products, they are not very good, or should I say more trouble than good.
Cheers for that info beerman - I hope your name suggests that you like a pint or two?

Basically, they told me that they need to put the cable install from the pavement connection into the front of the house. The modem will then need to be wired to the back of my lounge (this is where the pc is located) & we don't want lots of wires in our newly decorated lounge.

The phone is currently BT & Virgin Media inform me that the connection has to be into the main phone juction. This is in the loft & they are not able to do installs there, guess it's an insurance issue. They suggested that I buy a few more cordless phones!!

Going totally off the subject - we are planning to move to Bamberg (after sampling copious breweries) in Bavaria later this year as we are hooked on beer, culture, etc. only downside is we don't Sprachen!!
Hi again,

Ok it's a cable modem so I have no idea, we can't get that sort of thing where I live so have never touched one. Best off asking someone who has used one for the best solution.

Enjoy ur beer.
My friends have recently signed up with telewest(now virgin) on our recommendation of having cable broadband.
Like you,their pc is in the back living area.As far as i am aware the engineer was wanting to run the cable under the floor,but as they had just had laminate flooring not long fitted,they didn't wish for it to be pulled up.
What the engineer did was to run the cable along the skirting,along the arcitrave etc to the pc.
They then arranged for a free wireless router to be delivered(my mate blagged this from them!) and now use this instead and have taken down the cable(i think).

Regardless of that fact though,you could not tell that there was cable 'all over the place' as you might imagine.My experience is that they try and do the best and neatest job possible,well they always have with me anyway.
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