Virgin Media Issues - Internet problems this morning! Anyone else affected?

Found 2nd Jan 2018
If you're with Virgin Media this morning you may or may not be reading this .....

Seems to be problems nationwide affecting a lot of people.

Down Detector is receiving lots of reports today not sure what the problem is, but hopefully Virgin Media will get it sorted soon .......


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Mine's ok so far, thankfully because I need it to work from home
The map zoomed out isn't a good representation. My county is pretty much covered red at that zoom. One zoom in and it turns to a small area of red. Zoom in twice again and it shows the only area is the town I'm in and it turns orange. Keep going in and it goes yellow and it is in the middle of nowhere!

I'm with virgin media with no problems this morning.
No problems here in swindon
Luckily mine is ok, I'm in Middlesex
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Ok here, Manchester.
No issues so far with mine and im in Chester.
I’m Manchester and it’s fine
No problems in preston
No issues
No issues in south tyneside
likewise no issues, but I suppose the people with issues won't be able to post a reply yet
Mines been down since about 2am.
32970698-J71s0.jpgAll good in London
No i cant read this, i have no internet, but i do have lots of mince pies, Christmas cake and party sausage all good here
OllieSt28 m ago

[Image] All good in London

Nice download speed but that ping is terrible. Hopefully you are connected over WiFi to your router and that's adding the latency.
Sneaky way to identify Virgin Media owners on this forum and target them with relevant advertising/deals?
No problems in Darlington
no problem here at white scar caves
OllieSt1 h, 46 m ago

[Image] All good in London

Except for your awful ping.
OllieSt2 h, 17 m ago

[Image] All good in London

Not with that ping it isn't - that is awful.
Always hit and miss for me.Virgin dpon't seem to bothered about poor wifi around your house either
Just ring them they will let you know what's going on if problem
jamesdew2nd Jan 2018

Except for your awful ping.

Yeah. I had a gardener around that cut through the cable by mistake. Since the Virgin repair my ping has increased, yet speeds seem better. I did get a new router and use it in modem mode. The test I posted was wireless, does that have an effect on the ping? The Virgin guy put an attenuator on their router and I use Asus one for wifi around the home.

In fact is there a way for me to lower the ping?


I now have this, but it does seem that the ping results are eratic


I now get this a few mins later.


Is there a 'best' internet speed test product out there?

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Ours is always awful despite paying for upgrade to higher speed so won't make any difference!!
I had an email about 3 weeks ago giving notice this was going to happen in my area. Major upgrades happening today. Not sure why no one else got the email? Up to 7pm tonight.
PhilK21 h, 17 m ago

Always hit and miss for me.Virgin dpon't seem to bothered about poor wifi …Always hit and miss for me.Virgin dpon't seem to bothered about poor wifi around your house either

I was specifically told a couple of days ago, when I complained on their forum, that as long as you can get a wired connection then they are fulfilling their contract. It doesn’t matter to them that I have to stand about 1m from the router to stay connected!
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