Virgin Media loss of service

Found 22nd Oct 2008
Anyone else lost their Virgin E-mail and TV service completely today? Also, none of the Virgin phone helplines are working, and the service status page on their website is unavailable. Anyone aware of a major problem out there??
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Yeah i am the same,i have no tv at all.Can't get through to virgin either GRRR
Also got the same problem. The tele has just come back on but can't access all the channels!
Yes, TV has gone off here as well! :?
i've been having right problems last night and today!! I'm ready to throw the box outta the window!!
my broadband from virgin is always up the creek,last time i rung and moaned like hell they sent the area manager down to see me,since he ordered work to be carried out it has been better but still have the odd day when its off and on off and on
yes no email- west mids
Yep, no email. (Wolverhampton)
Haven´t checked the tv (we don´t really use it anyway)
email not working. internet working here (obviously). tv havent checked.
Seems I'm not alone then, must be a nationwide problem. Not sure why fibre optic cables give so much trouble. It's probably the **** servers and relays at the end of them. As soon as freeview is up and running Virgin can stick their service.

maybe this is the cause … maybe this is the cause ...

There has been a big national problem with there services 2day.

Im still missing most of my channels plus my V+ features are not working yet. There are discussions about this on digital spy, cable forum & on the virgin newsgroups

This was posted on the newsgroups by someone from virgin

Hi guysAs you may be aware, we're having some service problems right now … Hi guysAs you may be aware, we're having some service problems right now thatare affecting multiple services, including:* The status page (viewing it and the ability to update it) along withsome other parts of the website such as selfcare* Text news server* E-mail (including Webmail) for those with blueyonder e-mailaddresses* Webspace for those on xTW (ex-Telewest Network)* Some broadband access problems for those in the North West (xTWcustomers only)* Some impact on TV for xTW customersThe problems are also affecting the technical support guys, who can'tcurrently post to newsgroups.Our teams are working their socks off to fix these at the moment andto restore service as quickly as possible and the good news is thatthese services are now starting to come back online.Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.Alex--Alex BrownSenior Product ManagerProduct Management, Virgin Media

got a few emails trickling through now at home, but earlier no webmail about an hour ago at work. hope this is now sorted. they shd refund a day's worth.
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