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Virgin media minimum broadband speed? breaking contract

Posted 18th Aug 2014
hi, does anyone know what the minimum speed is that i should be getting from my virgin media bb? ie; what is the minimum speed they have to supply as in my contract with them? thanks
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Personally i would say whatever package you are on eg 30Mb your speed needs to be at least higher than the tier below.

Are you on fibre or adsl?
As above, if you're on fibre, you should get the speed that your package provides. If you're on the higher speed packages make sure you run speed tests via wired connection rather then wireless. If you're on ADSL then that's a different story.
If you think its too slow ring up their technical dept and they will check to see and speed it up which is what they did for me
@ OP although like most internet providers who quote "upto" Virgin Media seem to offer a good reliable speed bordering around the stated bandwidth

ie I have 50mbps and just tested on speedtest.net/ 54.59mbps

I would ask (as something I picked up after having issues with one of my dual boot os) have you got AMD Quick Stream installed? if so uninstall and test your speed again

i have up to 30mb
i get 33mb most of the time on wired

if youre not getting that , speak to their tech team or post on the user forum with your router power readings and error logs and they can look at it and arrange an engineer call

if youre wanting to cancel contract, youd be better looking at the price increase as a way to do it,
if you are broadband only its going up £1.50 and you get 30 days i think to cancel from point of notification
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