Virgin media new customer same household

Posted 26th May 2020
My mum called up to cancel and was offered a new contract (cheaper but still pricey) which she took but with 14 day cooling off period. Should she have refused, waited a few days for them to call back with a better deal?
Would it be best to cancel this new offer, ask to leave virgin and wait a few days for a call back to see if they offer anything better? Also what would happen if they don't call? I doubt you can take back an offer they offered before. We wish to stay with virgin and just get a better price.

I was also thinking about having my mum leave virgin and for me to sign up as a new customer (same address) to make use of new customer deals. I have been with virgin before as an account holder for my house at uni which was over a year ago, if that should affect anything. Would it be possible to do with this minimal disruption (internet connection required for WFH and such) by having the cancellation date and the new customer set up date on the same/next day?

Sorry for the wall of text and thanks for any help
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