Posted 16th Sep 2022
Hi all, I was wondering if I could get your advice on how to best deal with Virgin Media's retention team.
My current package consists of:

- Gig1 Fibre Broadband
- Talk Weekends (we barely use it, only on the package to make the broadband cheaper)
- Oomph Sim (used by my mum, but happy to go to another provider)

Total: £57.50

I have already put in my cancellation notice on the 7th, so services will be disconnected next month (7th October)

I have marketing preferences set to ON, but I haven't received a call back since I put a notice in. Can I expect a call next week? What has the situation been like for you guys?

I want to move to their Ultimate Volt Bundle and have been amazed at what you guys have been offered but I'm unsure if what I have been offered is good in comparison. I have tried talking to their team through WhatsApp but I haven't been satisfied with their offers:

The first agent I spoke to offered:
- Gig1 Fibre
- Talk More Anytime
- Maxit TV inc. Sports & Movies
- 2 Boxes (1 Main + 1 Mini)

= £69 for 18 months + £35 One - Time Charge

  • This seems fine but it doesn't include the Unlimited O2 sim as my current package is already "volt boosted"

The second agent reviewed my previous chat logs but only offered deals based on my current contract:

- Gig1 Fibre
- Talk Weekends

= £58 + £6 to convert my current SIM to an O2 one, so I'm paying £64 all in (which is £5 less than the deal offered by the first agent).

Should I continue to wait for a callback from Retentions?
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    I phoned Virgin Monday just gone to cancel. I was £17.25 for 108mb Broadband only going up to £47, so no chance I was keeping that.

    Phoned to cancel and was offered £24pm but said no go ahead and cancel as too expensive. This seemed to be a foreign call centre going by the way they addressed me. The lady here was lovely but seemed to struggle with my accent a bit and didn't understand some of what I was saying.

    Got a call from retentions 12 hours later and I'm now £18pm for 200mb Broadband only if that helps. This was definitely an English speaking call centre.

    Number I was called from was and 020 number.
    Thanks for that, great job holding down the fort there with that deal. I'll make sure to keep an eye on the landline!
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    No one is guaranteed a call, I read that most people receive one, but sometimes they are people who don’t get one.
    Some times they call the day before you are cut.

    How much does a new customer pay for the package you want? You could always open a account under a new name if you live with somebody else.
    I see, how does the process for that work exactly? I read somewhere that you have to wait 90 days after the disconnection date in order to sign up again as a new customer. The new customer price for the Volt Bundle is £85 including the O2 Sim, but I'm not particularly bothered with paying that much for an Unlimited Sim if it's going to my mum, so may downgrade that one. (edited)
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    if they dont call you can cancel the cancellation and put it in again, and see if they call, or do the new customer dance.
    Yeah, the new customer deal might be the way forward. Shame, just a tad bit more of a hassle that.
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    I seem to remember VM does not call you unless you opted into marketing communications. Check by logging into VM, My Account > Marketing Preferences, and see that the box is ticked. I always ensure I have that ticked when playing 'chicken' with VM Broadband. Also they need to know an up to date contact number, ideally a mobile. VM always seems to have had my mobile number of marketing calls, but it isn't stored in my VM account.
    Yes, I can see it's ticked in the options, and when speaking to the second agent, they confirmed that I do have marketing preferences enabled. I guess I just gotta wait.
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    You have to be willing to let the contract die.
    Do not give in.
    Get your mum a second sim now so she isn't without
    Yeah, it seems like this might be the only way. The new customer deal price is very appealing, but I'm unsure about cancelling and signing up under another family member's name. I read somewhere that you have to wait 90 days after the disconnection date in order to sign up again as a new customer
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    I too had problems since the 1st July - they dropped me down from £60 (on 100M) to £22 (for 350MB)! I have since cancelled again as they still haven't fixed my intermittent internet issue (every 10~15 minutes the connection drops). They did send out 4, yes FOUR engineers to fix and they all concluded it was a cabinet side issue and they needed the network team to resolve. It still hasn't been resolved. IIRC I cancelled again on the 1st still haven't received a retentions call. Three do an unlimited SIM for £10/m for the first 6 months and that includes the 4G router (or 5G if you are in service area). There have been various deals on here and the lowest I saw was £6/m unlimited again from Three, but it was a SIM only.
    You should ask any nearby neighbours who have VM what their experience is. Years ago I had a phase of issues with dropouts and having to reboot the modem. VM did some remote diagnostics and concluded that the 'gain' or something like that, was wrong, maybe too high. It was at a time when many new subscribers were signing up. They sent a technician round who adjusted something in the street box, then checked my modems diagnostics and it improved. After a couple more incidents like that, the issue never returned. I think they've switched out and upgraded the kit over the years.

    I'd say you've been unlucky with the technicians you've so far had look at your connection.
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    I never got a call back so you're not alone in that regard. I signed up as a new customer in my wife's name.
    I was thinking of doing that - however there appears to be a fault cabinet side, so I'd end up with a new contract and the same fault!
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    I'm most likely going to sign up as a new customer. Has anyone had any issues transferring the landline number from one contract to another? Thanks
    Haven't used a landlines for years. We just keep it unplugged nowadays.
    Do you really need it to stay same?