Virgin Media- not avalible in my area

Hi, I live in Lichfield in the Midlands, but at the moment cannot receive cable TV, our estate is a new build about 3 years old, and don't want Sky, as I think Virgin are better value for money, so just wondering is there a way I can find out when, or if they will be extending ther TV services to my area, I'd call but I'm guessing there closed as it's 9 in the evening!



Have they got exchanges at the end of your street do you know? If not, its how long is a piece of string, if yes then usually when theres enough interest and when the have lines "free" they'll install it.

im currently with virgin media and wish id never bothered. I joined 28 March this year and when they installed they left me to install the box to my tv myself instead of asking me to unwrap my new tele and theyd do it, oh no i had do it! Then wen i did it wouldnt work was without tv for a week, until they could get a technician out, and then when they did they couldnt get it to work, i am currently on my 5th V+ box due to tv always freezing, programmes saying there recorded then there failed next minute, im cancelling free of charge cos of all the problems and going back to sky. So if i was you id stay well clear Mwah...x

PS there not closed i rung last saturday at 12.00am because my tv broke and they were open xxx
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