Virgin Media Package (Cheap As Possible)

Ok, i am currently with Virgin Media on these services:

TV - XL - £20.50
BB - L - £25.00
Phone - M - £11.00
Other - N/A - £6.75

Total - N/A - £63.25 A Month

The "Other" service is:

Non-Direct Debit Payment - £5.00
Call Barring - £1.75


Can anyone find me those exact same services for cheaper than i am currently paying at the moment. I will still be paying non direct debit so include the fee and i still want call barring, so include that fee too.

I'm willing to pay £0.00 to £55.00 with ALL fee's included.

If you can find all those services and more that sticks to my budget then that would be great.

Rep will be given to finder. Thanks in advance!

Note - Remember, i am an existing customer. So offers for new customers only will not apply to me!


Just ring them up and tell them.

They will give you a discount, trust me

I know it sounds silly but seriously ringing them up and saying 'everyone else seems to be getting discounts/free upgrades, wheres mine' actually works.

I did it, they knocked £2 off my monthly bill and put me up to XL from M for free.

You could call and say you are thinking of going with sky and see what they offer (best to do this at the end of a month as they are trying to reach targets)

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