Virgin Media Problems

A few week ago I checked on the postcode checker to see if I could get broadband via cable and got this back:

Cable Services

Great News! Because you're in a fibre optic cable area, you can get all this.

* Up to 50Mb broadband
* Over 165 digital TV channels (including Sky channels)
* Great value home phone packages

So help yourself to fibre optic broadband, the very best digital TV, and phone services.

So I order it and get my installation date, today I get a phone call from them saying they can't install the services in my area, I even got a letter from them with my area reference number. What is going on? Does this sound like a dopey surveyor issue or a genuine error on their site?

Has anyone else had any problems with getting Virgin installed?


some new areas cant get it..cos they havent installed new cables for years (thats what they told when i asked for a family member)

How old is your home? Are your neighbours covered by cable?

I moved into a new build home in a previously cabled street. Everybody in the street had it but there was no cable run for us. VirginMedia came out and connected us up for free though without much hassle.

Only normal complication is new streets and blocks of flats or similar.
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What was the reason he said it couldn't be done?
Could be the network is at full capacity in your area/street, or just not covered. Is there a green cabinet in your street?


we on aol jow and ad no probs like dis

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Plenty of green boxes around. I wouldn't say its a new build area, at least 40 years these buildings have been here. A friend literally 500m away has virgin broadband. Apparantly there is 70m of tracking that is deeming the property unvailable to the services - which I really don't understand, what is tracking?
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