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Found 17th Oct 2007
Does anyone have the current phone number for the Virgin media retentions as i am wanting to try and get a better deal with my internet and phone.
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I found this number on

0800 0520184 - says it's "Customer Relations - Retentions"...

If that's no good then usually if you ring 150 and say you want to cancel your account they put you straight through to some guy begging you to stay :giggle:
150 (Option 4) From a Virgin Media phone
if you ring at peak times you will be on hold for a very long time best to do it when most people are @ work

if you ring at peak times you will be on hold for a very long time best … if you ring at peak times you will be on hold for a very long time best to do it when most people are @ work

Yer, they once told me that it is best to phone between 12pm and 4pm.
Do they charge for dialing 150 now?

Do they charge for dialing 150 now?

Nope, not last time i phoned, which was about 2 weeks ago.
Ah So it's just the broadband helpline they've started charging for?
not that i know of but a letter i got from them the other day does not mention their freephone 150 number, its got 0845 454 1111 as if im gonna ring that one, i can see them making us pay for the 150 calls sooner or later i really hate places that do that gets right on my nerves

Ah So it's just the broadband helpline they've started charging for?

Yep, which is pretty ridiculas. There making you pay for something that is probably there fault.
I've posted this previously, but here it is again.

The direct retention number for ex telewest customers is:0800 073 0591
The direct retention number for ex ntl customers is:0800 052 9403
You may be put on hold for up to 1 hour but it is a free phone number.

I've got:
BB - M
TV - L
PHONE - Talk anywere 200 (3hrs 20mins of inclusive minutes to anywere! 0870's, internationals, mobiles, international mobiles, ETC.....

£33 per month.
Thanks to everyone who posted numbers. Tried a couple and in the end i had to phone using the 150 and selecting various options from there. They wouldn't budge or offer me any new deals. They are getting very greedy and with their call charges increasing they may just price themselves out.
are they opened on weekends been hold for 45mins:-(
whenever you see an expensive number to call, make sure you checkout [url][/url] which is one of the most useful websites.

You can practically find any companies number on there very quickly and will offer you several alternatives such as 0870, 0845, geogrphical (free on unlimited call packages) and freephone numbers and to specific departments saving you time and money.

If your contract isn't up, Virgin Media won't be willing to offer you anything whatsoever and you can only negotiate on the services that you currently already have.

My gf had unlimited calls, 4mb broadband, extra set top box with the xl package and a month or 2 before we decided to negotiate, we added on Sports and Movies, so when I called the retentions/cancellation department, they offered us a deal on what we already had, so I always advice adding on extra stuff just before your negotiations, which shows what an important customer you are to them. :thumbsup:

They reduced the price from around £100+ to £73 and then a month later, they lost Sky one and Sky Sports News, so I called up again and they wasn't willing to negotiate, so I hung up and called them again and told them I'm definitely moving now because those channels were very important to me.
I managed to then get the deal dropped to £38.50 for 10 months and will negotiate again from next month or january but remember that these offers aren't permanent and check your statements, as they do increase your price by "accident" but will refund you the difference if you chase it up. :thumbsup:

I think they were willing to bargain a bit more earlier in the year because they were desperate not to lose customers to Sky after losing the extra channels and Sky had already started a campaign stating they're better than Virgin Media and the channels that they previously offered was crucial to them.

Now that some time has gone by, I think they don't mind if they lose the odd customer and will only offer deals at a profit, whereas before they were prepared to make a loss to keep you and not show Sky how important the rubbish channels were.

I also just negotiated a deal for my mum, which wasn't great but she only had unlimited calls package, so I didn't have too much to bargain with but instead of paying £26.50 for her unlimited house calls, we've now added 20mb broadband for an extra £8.45 and will have basic TV for free as well, which isn't bad I suppose.

That's a lot cheaper than AOL, who were charging us £25 a month for 8mb broadband and when I attempted to cancel the rolling contract with them, they automatically offered me the package for £9.99 for the first 3 months and £14.99 thereafter. :giggle:

Hope that helps and remember, never waste your time calling sales, the cancellations departments will always be able to offer better packages and always remain calm and friendly in your negotiations.
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