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Found 18th Jun
going through usual cancel my virgin package and waiting for a possible call back in next 4 weeks. Thing that makes me laugh tho as guy on phone told me they recently been taken over by a company whose name escapes me now..research while I was mid conversation did show up that this happened 2013.. inside I was laughing at this information..Anyone else had contact with them recently and heard lame excuses? more curious than anything else
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Never got a call back from retention’s
Had to bite the bullet and pay same as what I was paying
Rather than threaten to leave them I just said money is tight and I have to look at things like virgin package as something I can strip back on and maybe just have internet part. They then said they would see what they could do and reduced everything.
I do this every year, mine was due on the 4th so called to cancel, stated I was sick of the constant price hikes, two days later call back, 200mb BB for £22 a month which is £1 less than I was paying last year.

I'd have called him on it there and then, they'll say anything to get you to stay, so I always call them on it when they start spouting crap at me.
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Got a call back and increased my broadband speed and matched my package from last year for slightly cheaper than I have been paying.. so all in all worth the call lol
Was the company Capita by any chance?
Liberty Global??
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