Virgin Media Retentions

Phoned retentions yesterday, to say i wasn't happy and i was switching to sky.

was told the usual about slow broadband
and usage and paying extra for HD.

they told me i was on the best deal available
talk anywhere 400 £17.00
BB L £12.50
XL Tv £21.50
Sky Movies pack £19.50
Line Rental £11.00

I pay £75.50 for the above with my loyalty discount.

I think this is too much and they wouldn't budge.
so i gave my thirty days notice.

i don't wanna leave so am hoping for a call back

any one ever cancelled and had a call back?

what do you reckon am i paying too much?


I pay £48 a month for 20mb broadband, xl tv, phone line and unlimited calls.

was thinking of downgrading rather than leaving. 10mb broadband would bring it down to around £36 a month which is a bit more reasonable.

Used to have 2 lines but got rid of one of them and opted to use skype instead for £20 a year for unlimited landline calls. The other line is used by others in the house so they pay for it lol...

my parents cancelled theres and they phoned him back a few times to see if he had found anything and gave better offers to keep him as he was with them for so long, and he ended up staying, so they may phone you to see if youve found anything yet and offer you something better. i cant get over how much you pay thou, i have XL tv and phone and L broadband for £34 a month.

Also has you contract run out? becuase i phoned before the 12 months and they wouldnt do anything unless i paid more to upgrade so i just rang back when the 12 months where up and thats when they gave me this deal


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WOW! £900+ per year - thats an amazing amount to spend on old films and BB
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