Virgin Media Retentions advice

Posted 1st Oct 2020
Hello all,

I've seen a few Virgin discussions but nothing so much recently, looking for some advice, I am in my last month with my contract ending with Virgin at the end of October, I have been paying £86.75 for:

Full house TV with Sky Sports SD (no HD)
100MB Broadband
Talk Anytime

I have a V6 box, but the best they will offer me is £81 for the same package, normally I would of took this as I am useless as haggling and its still cheaper than the full price of £106.75, but after having a look on the new customer deals and I am sure I saw the ultimate oomph for £79 I thought I would try my luck

No deal, just the £81, I've no idea if what I am paying is competitive or not to be honest! Anyone shed any advice on any decent deals they have got recently? I got through to a call centre which sounded like somewhere the other side of the world, the lady sounded Chinese but can't be sure, but no call back in over a week so far

Also if I carry on with leaving can I take my landline number elsewhere?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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