Posted 5th Mar 2020
Hi all, hoping for some advice please

I currently have a Virgin Media BB and Phone line (350 line with weekend calls) and am paying £37.50/month. My contract is due to end soon and i was speaking to someone at Virgin about another matter when i mentioned i am thinking of leaving due to the price. At the time, the representative offered me the same price as I am paying at the moment for 12 months (£37.50)... I said i would think about it and call back to confirm if I wanted to proceed or not. I called them 2 days ago and spoke to their Retention's team stating i would like to take the offer of £37.50, however they said they cannot offer it anymore as it was a Feb offer and now it is not showing as we are in March. The best they offered was £43/month (same as a new customer) and I said I would like to leave due to the cost.
My question is:
1) Should i hold out hoping for someone else from Retention's calls me to offer something better
2) Should I accept the offer of £43/month
3) Should I take a new contract (via cashback website) under my partners name (@£43/month)? The Retention's person said if i were to come back my first bill would be around £90 so this may negate the cashback amount

Thanks in advance
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