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Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you knew about any decent deals for the Virgin Media TV service.

I'm after the Sky World package (don't know if that's what it's called on Virgin Media, but it contains all the channels plus Sky Movies and Sky Sports)

It costs £45 a month. But I'd want to have a multi room subscriptio too. So that'd be £55 a month - am I right ?

Now the question is, what's the equivalent of Sky's HD Box and how much does it cost with Virgin Media. And what's the equivalent of the Sky + box, and how much does that cost.

Also, does the HD subscription cost anything, like with Sky ? AND... do you get Sky Movies and Sky Sports etc in HD as well ?

Oh and by the way - I am a current Virgin Media customer.

Thanks for your help


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Oh and would I get any cashback if I went through quidco ?

If you want the V+ box for HD/PVR you have to pay 150 quid upfront but there are no other fees for the box (i dont think)

the best thing you can do is call them.

If you are already a customer then you wont get Quidco

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Oh right, thanks for that

Trouble with calling them is, sometimes they don't know of the offers themselves....

check for deals on the website. There you can add and subtract till you find what you need

when i call them i get passed about the departments. They all seem to have different offers.

Not sure about new deals but as an existing customer i had a retention deal after sky 1 finished on virgin they gave me:

sky sports, sky movies and music channels
Phone line including-weekends free
An additional set top box
A V+ box-no installation fee and discounted for first 6 months, v+ box- is like sky hd but less channels, it allows you to record two channels and watch 1, effectively meaning it has 3 tuners
10mb broadband which has now increased to 20mb, at times its slooow!

Now i have cancelled movies, phone line and the additonal box!

same for me beat this retentions deal xl tv
xl phone
m broadband (no need to worry about bandwidth throttling)
v plus box
second box
sky sports
sky movies
total £57.
but do they give any deals to new customers?.


Dont make the mistake I did!!!

Virgin have NO box that is the same as Sky HD

Even though you will subscribe to sky sports and movies NONE of these will be in HD, neither will Discovery, Natural Geo, Sky One (you don't even have it in standard definition).

The only HD channel you will get is BBC One HD and its pants!!

Get Sky, £45 with free broadband (or £5 extra for 8MB) and phone (even if you do pay £11 to BT

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Yes but I've got the broadband and I wanna keep it.. lol Coz Sky got download limits and stuff.

fair enuf

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