Virgin mega store selling N95

    Has anyone on here come across the Virgin mega stores (virgin mobile section) selling nokia N95's ??

    how much are they selling for etc, if i dont get any replys on this thread ill move it onto the deal requests

    thanks all :thumbsup:


    Was in Cardiff virgin megastore on saturday, no sign of the N95. I thought their selection of mobiles at the mo were terrible, they had a Siemens MC60, for £49.99 with £10 talk time, its been out years! lol.


    This phone has a silly premium on it, might be on a good deal come Q4 this year, would seriously consider it if it took 4gb or 8gb microsd memory cards.

    My local virgin high street store has the N95, seen it today, it was £499.99 on payg though which in my opinion is too much for a phone. lol - I would love to get it though but at £250 max. I got a N80 yesterday on Orange (changed from a w880i because buttons too small for me) and thats really good.


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    my local virgin store text me yesterday to say they are selling it at £449
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