virgin mobile claiming my phone has water damage

Found 23rd Nov 2016
Got a Virgin mobile contract long story short sent it for repair last month got it back still wasnt working so got it repaired again from Virgin mobile and sent it back after 3 weeks unrepaired again claiming it has water damage. Both wet indicaters are white and it hasnt been in water or near water. They said they would send me a picture of water damage on a board but havent sent it. (Its been a week since they said they would send proof) they won't accept my proof of images of the wet indicaters being white and want me to continue making payments even though I haven't had a working phone for over 2 months. They now say they won't repair it. If I cancel my direct debit and keep proof of my phone not having water damage will that be ok because I have never experienced this before
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It'll get messy if you cancel your contract. Best to warn them you're gonna complain to Oftel and then do it. If you stop paying, they'll put a default on your credit file and it'll make it hard for you to get any credit for a while.
I have been on the phone to them for hours they just keep claiming I have a contract and when I tell them they are also in a contract they claim they have done nothing wrong. Pathetic, a rubbish company beware people an in warranty repair with Virgin mobile is impossible
The phone doesn't need to have been in water. A change of environment can create enough condensation to effect the motherboard and trip the sensors. Also using the phone in the rain is enough.
Any water damage will void the warrantee of any phone.

If you cancel the DD they will trash your credit file for the next 6 years, so I'd suggest that you don't do that.

You might find a local repairer that can fix it, but obviously they will charge you.
Although i havent dealt with virgin mobile i have had a major issue with their broadband service after numerous phone calls all of which lasted almost hours the only way i finally got a result was through emailing them it took a couples of emails back and forth and my issue was resolved. They never took responsibility (i was misold a contract and was charged double) but did send me a cheque in the post refunding the extra payments
But i agree cancelling your direct debit it not a good option maybe tell them that you are going to get the phone checked by someone else who may be able to prove no water damage
You can ask them to send you to car phone shops they have a specialist who works on any sims I bought a phone out of 02 was having problems and they gave me a note from them to take to car phone wear house as they thought my phone had been in water and the specialist checked my phone and told them it was not water damage but a flaw in my phone and I got a new phone
I had virgin refuse to repair my lg g4 which had the boot loop defect, they claimed the minor scratches invalidated the warranty.
Anyway I got in touch with lg who repaired it/changed the insides without any fuss, they even sent a courrier to pick it up.

You don't have a contract with the phone manufacturer but they might be good like lg and repair it anyway.

Obviously virgin should be better but if the above works at least you'll having a working phone again.
Give them 7 days throgh email warning them of being sued. look up letters on Google.
Take it to a phone specialist who can give you written details of what is wrong with the phone. If there is no water damage go through the small claims court. No one will turn up and you should win the claim anyway. Then get the bailiffs to go and get your money. If your not prepared for hassle give up get it repaired or buy a phone.
Email the CEO, that has always got things moving for me with any big company. Google it, there's a website, or similar

Email the CEO, that has always got things moving for me with any big … Email the CEO, that has always got things moving for me with any big company. Google it, there's a website, or similar

Thanks mate will give that a try
Raise it as a complaint but keep paying the monthly charges, when they refuse to fix it then ask for the dead lock letter as you'll contact the ombudsman, that should be enough to get it sorted.
Also what type of phone is it, tell them you want proof they're using authorised repair company, I won once by default from Game by using some 3rd party company repairing an xbox as the company they used were not authorised to repair by Microsux.
What's ur phone worth.don't they give a replacement phone whilst yours is being repaired seems a poor service if it was a faulty phone I would have thought it's there problem to fix the issues as you are paying line rental so In theory it's there phone so they should just give u another and get there's fixed until then but a rip off. ask them for 2 months line rental back if u haven't been able to use it. does it take them 2 months 2 work out its water damaged ask all these questions to them in email I'm sure they maybe realise what they are playing at and sort it out for u.
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