Virgin Mobile - How to limit over-use, don't want to go over monthly allowance

Found 22nd Apr 2015
Hi, as title, its a SIM only 30-day contract, the talk time limit is quite low per month and I don't want to pay more than needed. Calls are charged at quite a high rate if going over the limit, how best to limit this?
International/roaming and calls to premium numbers are turned off.

Lumia phone - Windows 8
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Might be worth saying what phone you are using as Samsung have built in data limiting stuff and there may be apps for other stuff. I put my family on PAYG on Three (3 2 1). Saved me a fortune with my daughter who started watching videos in the car and used her £10 credit in hours, ignoring my instructions. If she'd been on contract I hate to think how much the month would have cost.
I'm with EE and rung them up to cap my kids usage. It's worth a phone call - maybe
I've added its a Lumia phone running Windows 8.

I initially looked at payg but opted for easier to manage 30 day SIM, but yes if things get out of hand it could end up being costly, I'll call them to see what can be done. Thanks
As I don't use my mobile much, I've just got the basic £5 per month virgin mobile package, txts and calls are unlimited, but it's only 250mb data a month.... for me this is fine, but my boy soon munched up all the data watching utube etc, then my bill just grew every day, so i stopped using mobile internet completely.... after about 10 days of NOT using it, the bill had jumped to around £31.50.
This was just data updates that run in the background even if you're not using the phone to go online.
managed to get virgin to knock off £15, as they could see i hadn't been using it online and still getting charged.

Just be wary if you ever go outside your allowance, as they tend to sting pretty badly!
As above; call Virgin. They should be able to apply a cap to your account or a 'zero credit limit' which basically means that once your minutes and text are finished you will be unable to make a call or send a text until the next month's allowance comes in.

It will also prevent you from unknowingly calling chargable numbers.
Take the hit and get the U/L sim only tariff @ £16.50 a month. No worries about going over on anything.
You need data roaming on within Virgin Mobile in the UK, otherwise you can't roam across Orange/T-Mobile, will be stuck on just T-Mobile masts, so potentially half the signal. Unless they've fixed this.
Virgin will definitely apply a cap if you ask them, I did it after my brother with learning difficulties ran up a bill of over £600 on his first ever month on contract
i got my son an unlimited virgin sim , he uses loads data and i pay £16 no worries attached,
Can't you say to him to use WiFi at home
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