Virgin Mobile lock or unlocked?

    i have no experience with virgin mobile, wondering do they lock their handsets?

    i am very interested in this k800i virgin clearance deal, £30 with £0.99 for 9mths, term cost being only £98.91!…ICL

    but i know it's currently very difficult to unlock this phone.

    someone in the forum says virgin would provide the unlock code for £30 at any time. wondering if that's true?


    This is true for their PAYG phones, not sure about contracts.
    And it is not for 30 quid but rather free if you've spent 30 quid on calls with them.

    Some are locked, some are not, majority seem to be, and purposefully, VirginMobile have been known to withdraw a sale from you instore if they believe youwill unlock it to use it elsewhere.

    Term cost on that offer is £48 via [url][/url] as i mention here:…047

    Virgin PAYG have been known to unlock your phone after you have purchased £30 credit.
    As for contract CS I suspect only after the contractual period.

    The K800i is unlockable by 3rd parties anyways: [url][/url]

    Original Poster

    thanks very much.

    it looks like thephonespot is another company of cpw!

    actually it looks like gsm-support can't unlock it.
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